Marshall Guitar Lessons

Offering private or group lessons in my home studio or in your own home, up to a 30 mile radius from Marshall

I've been playing and teaching the guitar for over 10 years, and tailor my lessons to the individual. I make a point of getting to know each of my students and help them set and reach their own goals. My expertise is in classical style guitar, but I feel comfortable in any style. I enjoy working with all skill levels and ages, so don't hesitate to give me a call!

About Me


I spent my childhood in Los Angeles, and have since lived in Tacoma, WA, Anchorage, AK, Minneapolis, MN, and now Marshall. I have experienced a wide range of peoples and beliefs and lifestyles, and have come to appreciate and celebrate the diversity that each person brings to a relationship.

I got into music late in life. Music was not a subject I had any interest in until halfway through high school, when I began singing in the choir. Then, in my senior year I bought my first guitar and began teaching myself. When I went off to college at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA, I auditioned for and received a scholarship for voice, and chose music as my major, with a focus in voice. However, within my first year I realized my true passion, and changed my focus from voice to guitar. While at PLU I received a well-rounded and top notch musical education that helped lay the groundwork for my future in music.

Although I have spent much of my time since then doing work outside of the world of music, including a large amount of time in the world of IT, music has remained close to my heart, and I have made a point of always finding outlets for it wherever I am. I have served as Music Director at two different congregations, have been teaching lessons for the past 8 years, and also serve as a member of the Glocal Musicians Group (no, that's not a typo--global+local=glocal) for the ELCA, which allows me to travel around the country teaching Christian music from around the globe to congregations.

When it comes to my teaching philosophy, I believe that everyone is born with musical talent--it is simply a matter of whether (and how well) it has been cultivated. Regardless of whether you are a guitar veteran or brand new to the instrument, I will work with you to set realistic goals and find ways to improve upon what you've already got. I aim to be as nonjudgmental and approachable as possible, and in so doing create a comfortable and safe space to explore your own talents, especially those you didn't even know you had.

Brannon McCain

(507) 476-1371